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Stand Out or Blend In

Leaving school today and almost not finding my car due to the sudden influx of suv’s parked in the parking lot from mom’s fetching kids left me thinking. Yummy mummy’s, hippy moms, sporty moms and dressed for success business moms to only mention a few. Standing there for a moment trying to figure out where I parked my car I was nudged into wondering where I would fit in.

Starting with the car,….these days its a pretty defining symbol of the type of mom you are and where you fit into the hierarchy.  You get the big 4×4 driving moms with a big bakkie, fortuner, VW bus or something similar, on quite a power-trip from driving such a big vehicle. ( I can say this tongue in cheek, because I’ve been there, driven that, got the t-shirt). Normally this mom is earth mother material or a mom that includes horse-riding in her hobbies.

Following that is the SUV squad, the nice family car with either 5 or 7 seats so as to be able to load the whole soccer team if needs be. The ultimate luxury vehicle with all the mod-cons and extras and hardly distinguishable from one another as they sort of seem to blend together in the parking lot as I am searching for my car.  Yes, you’ve assumed right, 😉 I drive a SUV.

The last group is the moms that just get on with it, a car is a car as long as it’s got four wheels and it gets you from point a to point b safely. To them it doesn’t matter what type of car it is, the engine size or the fuel consumption. As long as it drives they are happy. Nothing wrong with that at all!

Unfortunately or fortunately whichever way you look at it, I am a complete car fundi. I like cars, I like driving them, I check my own oil and water, make sure the tyre pressure is correct, that the car gets serviced when needed and can even change a tyre if needs be. I have driven small cars, big cars, bakkies and SUV’s over the years and can tell you the specs on quite a few of them. However, looking at these cars today I was thinking how easy it is to become one of the crowd. Looking for my white suv between all the other white SUV’s my only saving grace is that my car has a big sticker on the back window which differentiates it from other cars.

I have never seen myself as a yummy mummy or the ultimate soccer mom so looking from a car point of view I am now contemplating in which category I would fall. According to the girl-child I am a cross between them all and don’t quite fit only one of the molds. Compliment? I am not sure. 😉  Although I cannot say for sure I fit into any one of them as I am way too hippy to uphold the yummy mummy image for more than a day or two at the most, not interested enough in up-keeping the sporty image aka the soccer mom and absolutely way too disorganized too be mistaken for a dressed for success business mommy.

I am not a crowd pleaser and I don’t fit into molds easily so don’t let my white suv fool you into thinking that. I like my car for the fuel efficient, cargo carrying beast she is, not for the so called bling and glamour she supposedly adds to my image. Realizing now that the blend into the crowd image is the total opposite of who I am. I don’t like blending, I like standing out, being noticed. On that note…I might have to rethink the whole issue and trade the SUV for something nippy.  😉

Cars and yummy mummy’s and whatnots aside. at the end of the day we are all moms and often the image we cultivate and the car we drive is a way of defining ourselves and a way to fit into society. It should not define who we are and we should not judge the car or the image before getting to know the person behind it. :)1}


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