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You’ve made it – Welcome to Mauritius

You’ve done it! You’ve packed up your old life and started a new one. You’ve made it to the island by hook or by crook. As you unpack your things in your new home you might wonder, what now? What’s next? It’s not all cocktails and beach sunsets especially if you are here to earn […]

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Thinking of moving to Mauritius?

Karolien - There is life after kids Living On A Rock

Island life & Beauty Routines

Firstly I want to say that I am NOT a skin routine or brand name fanatic and I will not apologize for it…I am who I am. Having said that; before island life and now whilst enjoying island life I have noticed some definite changes in my skin’s condition. Apart from the fact that we […]

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Let’s go supping they said, it will be fun they said…

I was recently talked into a supping lesson by new friend and owner of Aqua Blue situated here in Mauritius. Let’s go supping she said….it will be fun she said…. I was a teeny bit skeptical if I have to be totally honest but being me I am always up for a challenge! 😉 Costumes […]

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Mauritius – more than white sandy beaches

If you had asked me about Mauritius two and a half years ago I probably wouldn’t have been able to name one thing about Mauritius apart from the obvious facts; it’s an island, a popular tourist destination and it boasts white sandy beaches. I had no reference points to speak of and quite frankly did […]

Where to next?

Enjoying a gap year at 42

I think one of my worst fears in relocating to Mauritius was that I might not have enough to do. That I might not be busy enough.. I was afraid of boredom. My star sign is Gemini ♊…. Enough said… We don’t cope well with boredom, trust me.. 😂 I’ve never in the last 20 […]

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Living on an island – let’s talk money 💵

For the past months I have been watching and following a few expat groups on FB to get the lowdown for our planned relocation to Mauritius. It’s made me realise two things; Firstly; people don’t take the time to use the search option in a group, they just post the same question as a 100 […]

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Exploring the city 🏙

We went looking for the South African High Commission today. Not an easy place to find as there are NO markings on the very non descript building and no SA flag announcing its proximity. 😂 In short.. We walked ourselves dizzy. Fortunately hubby’s been here long enough to know where we could get 🆓 parking […]

Karolien - There is life after kids Living On A Rock