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Life after kids – Love Yourself

I dragged myself out of bed this morning to go for a walk as I’m daily reminded that summer is around the corner and I’ve got a few more kilo’s to shed before buying a new swimming cozzie. Seeing all the tourists on the beach is adding to the angst as one can feel summer […]

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To Car or Not to Car

I started my Friday a tad grumpy as I didn’t really feel like going to Port Louis for the third time in as many days but hubby rented a mini-van for a few days so as to have transport whilst prepping the boat for sea and I had to return it to the rental agents […]

Karolien - There is life after kids Living On A Rock

Living on an island – let’s talk money 💵

For the past months I have been watching and following a few expat groups on FB to get the lowdown for our planned relocation to Mauritius. It’s made me realise two things; Firstly; people don’t take the time to use the search option in a group, they just post the same question as a 100 […]

Living On A Rock

Exploring the city 🏙

We went looking for the South African High Commission today. Not an easy place to find as there are NO markings on the very non descript building and no SA flag announcing its proximity. 😂 In short.. We walked ourselves dizzy. Fortunately hubby’s been here long enough to know where we could get 🆓 parking […]

Karolien - There is life after kids Living On A Rock