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Island life & Beauty Routines

Firstly I want to say that I am NOT a skin routine or brand name fanatic and I will not apologize for it…I am who I am. Having said that; before island life and now whilst enjoying island life I have noticed some definite changes in my skin’s condition. Apart from the fact that we […]

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Why I blog – Karolien

With bloggers at a dime a dozen these days, I often ask myself why? Why am I blogging. Why do I take the time to build and maintain a website, why do I work so hard to build a public profile. Why spend so much time on social media finding issues to blog on and […]

Ramblings About Life

Three months and counting

You know you’re home when you realise that what was once strange and unfamiliar has now become the new normal. Our three month anniversary of being in Mauritius has come and gone, passing unnoticed, lost in the craziness that we call life. When I realized it my first thought was that the fact that we […]

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The ‘hole’ created by leaving everything behind

This photo have been doing the rounds for years now. It’s an amazing piece of artwork and I admire the thought and perspective it shows and how one can relate to it. From personal experience I can vouch that this ‘hole’ or vacuum, represented here is not just reserved for Expats but for everyone that’s […]

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