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Creating something out of nothing by Antoinette

I would like to tell you about our East London Adult Autism Newspaper Project, as a mom, this is a very important project to me. In July 2016, we, the Autism SA staff met for a week of training and team building in Johannesburg and in that week we had the opportunity to meet Lungi […]

Do you want some cheese with that whine

Fake it till you make it… How to Widow – A guide to a new normal

So today is the one month anniversary of the death of my Beloved. I have been through more Urbanol today than in all the days preceding and I am not even scared to say it. I am a wreck. There are those in the know, however, who seems to feel that my “little situation” is […]

How To Widow; A guide to anew normal

Teens, messy kitchens and dirty mugs

These days I am in a current state of tug-of-war of not wanting my kids to ever leave home and wanting them to leave so my house can just be neat and clean for a short while. #gasp Yes I said it, sometimes I wish/dream of a clean, tidy house. Now I know I will […]

Living On A Rock

Sentimental old git

Once again, it’s that time….time for a blog.  And the muse seems to still be on holiday. It’s been like this for the past few months now, I guess I ought to send a mail and demand she/he/it come back so that the writers-block can take a hike. 😉 Easier said than done though. Ideas are a […]

Living On A Rock

Bring it on Bridget Jones!

If having mommy me time is so essential to us as moms, why on earth do we feel like we have committed a murder when we do take some time out for ourselves?   Why do we chastise ourselves so much when taking a break without the brats? Why do we feel so guilty and […]

Living On A Rock

When the big girl panties lets you down

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Living On A Rock

Entitled Much? by Karolien

Did I raise my kids to be entitled? Hell no! I am super convinced that is the one thing I tried to avoid whilst raising them. So how did the little buggers get to the point where instant gratification is a thing in their lives. That moment that the CANNOT sit back and wait for […]

Karolien - There is life after kids

Families and Funerals – Losing your partner by Karolien

The most dreaded words….Death in the family. When I got the call that my sister-in-law’s husband has passed away I was shocked to say the least. Johan was not that much older than myself and hubby Jacques and his death was not an expected one…not that death is ever expected but still. As deaths go […]

Karolien - There is life after kids

The fears that drive us – Karolien – There is life after kids

The fears that drive us. what fears defines your life? Your every day? What fears influences your thoughts and decisions.  We fear for our lives, our kids, our parents, our finances, our looks, our bodies, our health, our abilities, our image and so much more. What are we so afraid of? Why are we driven […]

Karolien - There is life after kids

Having older kids…Karolien – There’s life after kids

It is days like today and nights like tomorrow evening when I am due to attend a function that I realise that there is indeed life after your kids grow up and start going their own way. For a while there I was floundering when the realization hit me a few years back that soon […]

Karolien - There is life after kids