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Andaman Island – Leaving on a jet plane

In all honesty, I have to admit that visiting India or surrounding areas have never really been on my bucket list of things to do before I die or grow too old to enjoy life. However, when opportunity knocks one makes sure to grab it with both hands and to make the most of the […]

Karolien - There is life after kids Where to next?

Tripping down Memory Lane – Agulhas in 2017

Every now and then hubby and myself take a few days off without the kids to explore some or other weird and wonderful place. This trip was in the winter of 2017 and we went to one of my old time favorites as a child. Agulhas. Where you find the ‘TIP’ of Africa. Enroute the […]

Karolien - There is life after kids Tripping Down Memory Lane

Museums and Haunted Hospitals – Mauritius

Today saw us traipsing through the streets of Port Louis once again, a phrase that I will probably use often in the months to come as Port Louis is not a city to be explored in a matter of a day or two. This is a huge undertaking as one finds new treasures around every […]

Where to next?

Exploring the city 🏙

We went looking for the South African High Commission today. Not an easy place to find as there are NO markings on the very non descript building and no SA flag announcing its proximity. 😂 In short.. We walked ourselves dizzy. Fortunately hubby’s been here long enough to know where we could get 🆓 parking […]

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