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The wind beneath my wings – Sailing with Klaus from Wildwind Adventures Mauritius

There has been many a day that whilst on my sunset walks, I would amble past the Hobie cats and other watersport equipment in front of the hotels on Mont Choisy beach convinced that it was unavailable for use to the locals and only for hotel guests. Turns out I was wrong. Wildwind adventures cater […]

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Island life & Beauty Routines

Firstly I want to say that I am NOT a skin routine or brand name fanatic and I will not apologize for it…I am who I am. Having said that; before island life and now whilst enjoying island life I have noticed some definite changes in my skin’s condition. Apart from the fact that we […]

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Let’s go supping they said, it will be fun they said…

I was recently talked into a supping lesson by new friend and owner of Aqua Blue situated here in Mauritius. Let’s go supping she said….it will be fun she said…. I was a teeny bit skeptical if I have to be totally honest but being me I am always up for a challenge! 😉 Costumes […]

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Three months and counting

You know you’re home when you realise that what was once strange and unfamiliar has now become the new normal. Our three month anniversary of being in Mauritius has come and gone, passing unnoticed, lost in the craziness that we call life. When I realized it my first thought was that the fact that we […]

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Help spread the love – The Love Project -Mauritius

Since moving to Mauritius I have been quite active on social media looking for inspiration for blogs, things to do and any interesting initiatives to check out. The more obvious initiatives would be getting involved in the local animal shelters or some other noble cause. Not that I haven’t given it some thought but my […]

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Enjoying a gap year at 42

I think one of my worst fears in relocating to Mauritius was that I might not have enough to do. That I might not be busy enough.. I was afraid of boredom. My star sign is Gemini ♊…. Enough said… We don’t cope well with boredom, trust me.. 😂 I’ve never in the last 20 […]

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Creating a new normal

Creating a new normal. This is a saying that I have ‘stolen’ from my SIL Rachelle that lost her hubby in August 2018 when he passed away unexpectedly and online friend Liezel Freeman from Breast Assured whom have relocated to the UK a mere week or two before we left for our new life in […]

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New Year, New goals? Not this girl! Not this year!

It’s the fourth of January 2019 and I woke up this morning realising that for the first time in my adult life I have exited an old year and entered a new year goal-less (does such a word even exist?), plan-less, expectation-less and resolution-less, OK, I am making them up as I go along. :p […]

Karolien - There is life after kids

Creating something out of nothing by Antoinette

I would like to tell you about our East London Adult Autism Newspaper Project, as a mom, this is a very important project to me. In July 2016, we, the Autism SA staff met for a week of training and team building in Johannesburg and in that week we had the opportunity to meet Lungi […]

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Teens, messy kitchens and dirty mugs

These days I am in a current state of tug-of-war of not wanting my kids to ever leave home and wanting them to leave so my house can just be neat and clean for a short while. #gasp Yes I said it, sometimes I wish/dream of a clean, tidy house. Now I know I will […]

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