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Technology and I – A love/hate affair

Technology and I – A love/hate affair

I love to think that I am not technologically challenged as I run my own website, learning as I go admittedly,  but still.  I manage.

However, today I sort of met my match trying to set up my own WordPress blog site. Whoever said that is easy is lying through his teeth, for the past 6 hours I have set up my site, deleted my site, set up a new one, still not satisfied and frustrated to the core!!

Although I was forty last year I have always tried to stay more or less on top of new technology and sort of managed to do so in my own way. I have noticed that I am more inclined these days to sit back with a glass of wine and let the x-man or the girl-child sort out the Netflix connection rather than doing it myself but I am entitled to after doing it all myself for close on 22 years?

Having a website foisted on me halfway through last year by a friend I have managed to survive outside of my comfort zone these last 8 months or so. I cannot count the amount of times I have felt like giving up, just throwing in the towel, hiding under the bed and never coming out!!

During my first week of website ownership I did not only manage to delete my website’s whole menu at midnight one school night I also had to re-install the menu before going to bed as I could not imagine the embarrassment if someone clicked on the site and there was nothing to be found! Did I mention I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing? My mantra throughout was “just don’t cry because it will make you feel worse” as I struggled until nearly four in the morning with the whole house asleep around me,getting it more or less right. Having to finish it off before I left for school nearly finished this mom off, I was literally finished ten minutes before having to definitely leave for school. I rushed through the shower barely wetting myself enough to thoroughly wake up and got in the car still tucking my shirt in my jeans with my shoes in my hands. The kids locking the house and setting the alarm behind me and holding the gate open for me to reverse the car out to the street shaking their heads at their mom. Very used to my crazy ways fortunately, I keep reminding them what interesting stories they can one day tell my potential grandchildren about their crazy grandma. 😉

Today’s struggle was just as real! The site is up and running but I am far from satisfied so I can foresee a few more days spent trying to sort my frazzled brain enough to sort the site to my satisfaction.

I would just like to know why they make it so hard on us to do these things?  My opinion is if I can read the instructions I can do it but I must admit, some of the technical phrases used within the instructions sometimes seems like a foreign language to my brain. I know I am relatively intelligent, I have a penchant for problem-solving and Google is my best friend but my oh my, just sometimes I feel like I haven’t had enough wine to deal with this!!

I often envy our kids growing up with technology although I know on some level, ok on lots of levels all the screen-time is bad and addictive but at least they have more understanding about latter day technology than their poor parents. Our cyber babies are our future, sorting our laptops, tablets, cellphones and even setting the clock on the microwave as I have done for older people, older than me at least, until just the other day.

However, I am determined that I will sort my own technology at least for the foreseeable future, I am no granny yet. My brain is sharp and my fingers still agile. I will be a keyboard warrior and fight the tech gremlins as long as I can and take pride in what I can achieve by watching YouTube clips and googling my way through this jungle of technology and its crazy ways.

For now though I think it’s time to give it a rest and pour that glass of wine to sooth my frazzled nerves. 🙂




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