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The Long Forgotten by David Whitehouse – Reviewed by Liza from books.books.books

An interesting read told in three parts. The first part is how Prof Cole discovers a whale which has swallowed the black box of an aeroplane which disappeared three decades previously.

The second part is the story of Dove, a young man who is an orphan but suddenly starts remembering vivid memories which don’t belong to him. He knows all about rare flowers and even their Latin names – somehow he has stumbled across the memories of a rare flower hunter who travelled the world in search of elusive blooms.

The third part follows Peter Manyweathers. He is a mild mannered man who keeps very much to himself. One day while reading up about flowers in the local library he finds a love letter in a book which lists six rare flowers.

The book has a beautifully designed cover with gorgeous flowers as well as an imprint of a whale which is not easy to see but captures the essence of the story in a photo.

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