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This is one of those rather late than never blogs.. πŸ˜‚ There’s going to be a few of them catching up on last year’s happenings.

On December 18th it was D-day in the de Kock household. It was the culmination of weeks of arrangements and days of intense packing for our impending move to Mauritius. I hesitate to call it a ‘move’ as per se as we did not bring any furniture over to Mauritius which to my mind does not resemble the classic concept ofΒ  a move. We relocated sans our furniture and 90% of our belongings. These now have temporary or perhaps long-term separate home of their own in a storage unit far far away in South Africa 🌍.

We started the morning with our truck being almost 2 hours early to finally pack up our home and it’s contents whilst clever me had very optimistically arranged a very important vet appointment for our dog as well as the girl-child leaving at the crack of dawn to complete her driver’s licence test in Atlantis. I can just shake my head at the stupidity of arranging all these things on the same day….but like the saying goes. What doesn’t kill you just makes you stronger. I’m not 100% convinced but it makes me feel slightly better. πŸ˜…πŸ˜πŸ€£

After getting in a variety of quotes from different removal companies we elected to use Clair Reid and her company HouseHoppers as the ‘lucky’ people to endure weeks of dealing with my sky-high stress levels, constant questions, at least more than one change (maybe two or three) to the initial quote and a last minute request that changed the whole shape of the day. Not a twitch I promise! Just a thorough consideration, friendly agreement, and a quick adjustment to our quote which was in my favor that was an obvious bonus.

Kudos to Claire, she never once batted an eyelid. Every call, every whatsapp, every e-mail sent was met with pure professionalism, solid advice and even a joke or two. Not once have I caught her being irritated or short with my numerous requests and worries about my possessions.Β  Quite the opposite despite the fact that this time around I was quite the stress-ball because I have never had to put my stuff into storage and I was giving her a run for her money.

However dealing with a woman in charge of the moving team I felt like she got me, she got my concern about handling, wrapping and ultimately transporting items that represents the past 24 years of my life. Being a woman she was kind, understanding and allayed my fears by listening and then proposing different options of dealingwwith the problem at hand.

I have moved plenty times in my life, mostly with men in charge of the team and don’t get me wrong. I am not slaying men, they are quite useful to have around most of the time. πŸ˜‰ Moving house with a team that sports a woman in charge and another lady that helped wrap the valuables I did not get to in time does make a difference. I’ve seen it in the way they handled my furniture and things that have value probably only to me and my family. Nevertheless. Claire respected my feelings and belongings and her team is well trained to do the same.

They worked well together, there was not a moment’s lull whilst they filled the truck and later the storage facility. Within hours we went from a full house and empty storage facility to the other way round. It went so quickly it was anti-climatic taking into account the stress and hard work it took to get to this point.

I am glad it’s over is all I can say. Packing up 24 years of one’s life to fit into a storage room is NOT the easiest thing to do. Shout out to Claire and her team for making it a little less stressful. It’s much appreciated. If ever in future I need to move again I definitely know whom I’ll contact.

Sometimes we are blessed with angels like these that cross our path even in the form of someone moving your furniture. Lately I have had so many cross my path I’m reserving a blog just about them. ❀️ 

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