The story begins as Edie Jones is lying in hospital and her daughter, Dido, is telling her mother the story of their lives. Each chapter is named after a book or song title and begins in 1976 working its way to the present.

Dido is 6 years and 27 days old when she falls in love. Dido and her mother, Edie, have just moved from a London squat to a suburban home in Essex which Edie has inherited from her aunt.

Dido climbs a tree at the bottom of her garden and spies the two next door neighbour children, Tom and Harry, playing in a splash pool in the middle of a heat wave. Tom and Harry and their parents and their perfect house, are everything she has wished for her in young life – normal. Dido just wants to be a ‘normal’ girl with a ‘normal’ mother but Edie is anything but normal.
Edie is a free spirit who drinks, smokes, paints, has affairs, and sends Dido to school with hummus on her bread.
It’s a charmingly told story and you as the reader are drawn into the little girl’s story. Dido goes from being a young innocent girl who swears like a trouper, into a troubled and sensitive teenager who devours books, and into her rebellious twenties and thirties. Loved it!