The wind beneath my wings – Sailing with Klaus from Wildwind Adventures Mauritius

The wind beneath my wings – Sailing with Klaus from Wildwind Adventures Mauritius

There has been many a day that whilst on my sunset walks, I would amble past the Hobie cats and other watersport equipment in front of the hotels on Mont Choisy beach convinced that it was unavailable for use to the locals and only for hotel guests. Turns out I was wrong. Wildwind adventures cater to all island locals and hotel guests alike.

You can either enter through the hotel or take a stroll from Mystik’s side navigating the rocky beach down to their premises. Here you will find Klaus Gerharsch and his sailing school, Wildwind Adventures Mauritius, which is the only recognized RYA training school on the island.

Having grown up I can not ever remember a time that my dad did not own a boat or a weekend that was not spent on either a dam, a lagoon or out at sea. I love the sea so much I even married a fisherman and spent even more time on boats and on the water.

Having said that and even with a few friends that were very much into sailing and surfing during my teens, this was not a hobby that I have ever explored. I have tried surfing but it did not really bite, went on Hobie cats, boats and rubber ducks with friends who did all the hard work whilst I sat soaking up the sun. 😉

So when the opportunity came up to go sailing with Klaus from Wildwind Adventures I jumped! Always keen to try something new I set up my first sailing experience ever where I could finally learn how to do this myself.

Of course, when you are due to a fun outing it is mandatory to take a friend with to maximize the fun so Bonnita and myself donned our bikinis and sunglasses, prepped with the necessary sunscreen and met Klaus and his crew down below the hotel ready for some serious action!

For those who are not familiar with the sailing terminology which I won’t be going into much either as one sailing experience does NOT make me a sailor and I would hate to embarrass myself by using the wrong terms. The image below is just for interest sake. All our photos were taken with a GoPro so I apologize in advance for the quality. Water and cameras don’t make good combinations though. 😂

On arrival Klaus made sure we each donned a lifesaving vest as is the first rule of safety even if you are a good swimmer. We discussed what was going to happen and I handed over the go pro and my camera to his crew that was following us on the rescue boat which is another point in proof of their quest to ensure their clients safety.

We then entered the water and boarded the Hobie Cat and waited for the fun to begin which if you know myself and Bonita did not take very long. Sailing is definitely not for the faint-hearted nor those with no love for the ocean because reality is that you are going to get wet and end up with a bruise or two to show for the experience. I certainly boasted a few afterward.

Off we go! ⛵

Klause steered the Hobie out of the shallow waters whilst telling us more about Wildwind Adventures which is represented not only in Mauritius but in a few other countries as well and recounted the story on how he ended up in Mauritius. I am a sucker for a good story so drank it all in. I’ll post more info on this at the bottom of this blog.

Getting the GoPro from the rescue boat

Setting up the GoPro

Once we reached the deeper waters talked turned into explaining on how to steer the sailboat and loosening the jib and tightening it etc….I’m not going into technical detail as I am a complete novice here. What I do know is that this is where the fun kicked in as every-time we changed direction Klause would shout for us to change sides and we were on our hands and knees crawling from one side to the other laughing our heads off as we tried our best NOT to fall overboard whilst doing this. After a few crawl sessions, we were breathless with laughter and with trying to keep up with the orders Klause were issuing in-between struggling as the newbies we were to try and make sense of exactly what we had to do and when to do so! Not sure what Klause was thinking of the two ditzy blondes he had on board although, between the two of us, Bonnita is definitely the watersport champion as she is a keen kitesurfer amongst other things.

As Bonnita and I got a bit more confident with the process Klause handed the tiller over to me and I finally got to sail the boat myself. Proud moment! I managed to keep us on course and I think Klause was a tad bit impressed with me being such a quick study.

I’m in charge 😅⛵

I must admit, holding that tiller, sailing on the open seas with the wind beneath my ‘wings’ so to speak was an amazing experience. Being in charge of pointing that little boat into any direction I pleased taking the wind into consideration of course but it was a good feeling nonetheless.

As we sailed back to shore because unfortunately all good things also come to an end at some point I promised myself that I would definitely be back for another session. There are few things in life that are so soothing as to just be out there with the sun on your face and the wind in your hair soaking up the fresh air and in my case learning a new skill.

To book your sailing experience contact Klause at or phone him +230 5972 3527. Do yourself a favor and visit their website see what else they have got on offer. They even do holiday sailing activities with the children which are an awesome way of keeping the kids busy during those long school holidays as well as quite a few other options such as supping and windsurfing.

Find them on the beach in front of the Coral Azur Beach Resort, Royal Road

Some extra contact info: +230 5476 4104 (office number). Also follow them on FB

All photos my own except the blog profile photo which I’m using with the permission of Wildwind Adventures Mauritius 🇲🇺

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Book your next sailing, supping or windsurfing experience with Wildwind Adventures Mauritius. Check the blog for all the contact information. Fun with them is guaranteed!

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