You know you’re home when you realise that what was once strange and unfamiliar has now become the new normal.

Our three month anniversary of being in Mauritius has come and gone, passing unnoticed, lost in the craziness that we call life.

When I realized it my first thought was that the fact that we didn’t even think about it just proves how used we are to being here and how time flies once one is having fun I suppose.

Driving to the stables yesterday to pick up the girl-child I was reminiscing about how quickly the roads became so familiar that I get into my car with no second thoughts. Just a mom on her way to fetch her daughter and thereafter the dad who was busy at the boat in the Port Louis harbour.

We had to stop off at the mall to run some errands and as we walked through the shops Mics turned around and echoed my thoughts of the morning mentioning how quickly it became familiar going to the different malls and shops on our rock. How quickly hanging out at these places became our new normal. This from a teenager that is now a young lady whom weren’t half impressed that we dragged her away from her old life and friends.

After three months we have settled in, we have found our rhythm, we have found our new favorites, a new favorite shop, a favorite restaurant, a new favorite beach or activity. After three months we know which roads to take, which shops to frequent and we’ve managed to make some new friends.

The best part of our new normal is that hubby’s home every 15-18 days which means in a mere three months we have seen more of him and spent more time together as a family than we managed to do in the past two years altogether. Just for that I am prepared to take every strangeness this island can throw at us. Seeing my family together enjoying the time together and creating oodles of new precious memories.

Three months gone and 8 more to go before we’ll reconnect with the friends and family back in SA for a visit. Like the X-man noted this morning, eight months feels like forever but the way life goes we’ll blink and it’s over.

The bottom line is… Home is where your heart is and our hearts are here. In Mauritius. ❀️